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Jadavpur University saltlake hostel reunion

November 24, 2010 in Campus News, JU Alumni

Message from Jadavpur University saltlake hostel current hostelers…

Dear All,
Its been quite a considerable amount a time that all of you had to move forward in life and we kept on missing each other. That prompts us to give it a thought for bringing those old days back to our arena once again on 26th December, 2010. But without your lovely presence this endeavor would never become a grand success. So, we cordially invite you and seek your omnivorous presence to put life in that big bang. Please confirm your attendance to and also request you to pass on this message to your hostel mates, seniors & juniors as because we are not having the complete database.

Looking eagerly to meet you on 26th December

Till then,
Current hostelers
JU SL Hostel

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Boycott threat to defer exam

November 20, 2010 in ASK, Campus News

Read the news at http://www.

ANUPAM CHATTOPADHYAY: What is the role JU Alumni going to play ?
This was asked at our yahoo groups.

Reply from souraj das:

What else is expected of West Bengal? The brightest and the best of Bengal in action once again.
Cheers JU! Don’t let anything happen in Bengal. It is your democratic right to block progress, spoil other people’s endeavors, cause pain and trouble to everyone.
I am sure, Mr. moderator will block my mail.
Do share your thought on this.

Politics in campus is not necessary

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What’s so special about Jadavpur University?

April 5, 2010 in ASK, Campus News, JU Alumni

This university witnesses a student influx from as varied fields of education such as Film Studies and Comparative Literature, Energy Management, Chemical Engineering, and Population, Education and Human Rights. The university is an accumulation of talents. Jadavpur University is more than getting educated a bit more for the students in Kolkata. It is opening up of new avenues, new line of thinking and new fields of research.

Set up in the year 1955 under the Jadavpur University Act, the Jadavpur University was identified as the Bengal Technical Institute. This was an institute of its kind in India to bring in Chemical Engineering as a field of study. It is one of the specialties about the Jadavpur University in Kolkata.

The alumni association of the Jadavpur University has branches all over the world in countries like UK, the USA, Canada and UAE. Apart from that Jadavpur University also encourages education for professionals who wish to continue their education after a certain period of time. There is another separate department for those professionals who want to continue their education after certain period of time and it is called the Adult and Continuing Education and Extension Centre. This is a specialty about the Jadavpur University In Kolkata.

The students can also enroll themselves in research programmes undertaken by the Jadavpur University in subjects such as Refugee Studies, European Studies, Marxian Studies, Plasma Studies, Indology, Knowledge Based Systems and many more. Undoubtedly it is one of the specialties about the Jadavpur University.

The teaching faculty of this university boasts of great authors like Buddhadev Bose Nabaneeta Dev Sen and Amartya Sen.

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Jadavpur University’s Maoist top gun falls to cops

April 5, 2010 in ASK, Campus News

Top Maoist squad leader Bikram alias Abhisek Mukherjee ,a former Jadavpur University student, was killed along with three other rebels in an encounter with crack COBRA commandos in Hathilot forest of Jangalmahal’s Lakhanpur on Thursday night.

His senior comrade, field commander Bikash was seriously injured in his first ever encounter with the forces in the forests spread over 48sq-km. He was a Jadavpur University’s Maiost top gun to fall to cops.

Sources said Bikash was bleeding profusely when guerrilla squads dragged him deep into the forests close to Lalgarh. Gun battles are still on in the jungle as over 1,500 joint forces personnel tighten the noose around some more senior Maoist leaders, including Chhatradhar Mahato’s brother Sasadhar. He was one of the Jadavpur University’s maoist top gun to fall to cops.

The body of Sambhu Mahato , a Maoist squad leader in charge of Goaltore was found in Bhalukbhasa jungle. The Maoists were tracked by forces early Thursday morning. The encounter has been on for over 32 hours now. Bikram (28), a resident of Chandannagore in Hooghly and a third year dropout of JU’s international relations department, was Kishanji’s voice in rebel announcements and would introduce himself in broken Bengali as ‘I’m Bikram, Kishanji’s friend’.

Read more at –

What’s your view on this?

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Community Radio Station of Jadavpur University

April 5, 2010 in ASK, Campus News

Community Radio Station of Jadavpur University – INFOTAINMENT @ Radio 90.8 MHz

Jadavpur University has launched its own Community Radio Station, Radio JU. This Community Radio Station is being set up as part of the ongoing JU Project TEQIP in collaboration with School of Media Communication and Culture, JU to support community communications and broadcasting of all kinds of knowledge.

The community radio provides a new platform for students, teachers and local people to showcase their creativeness. Programmes broadcast by the radio are heard within a radius of 10 km from the University. The Radio Station not only addresses the needs of the campus population but also those who are outside the university. The main objectives of community Radio Station of Jadavpur are empowerment, entertainment and information.

The community Radio Station of Jadavpur University entertains its listeners.  It has a wide variety of programmers to offer. Radio is instrumental in the revitalization of ‘Shruti natak’ or radio drama which go on air once a week. Children’s eye-catching Programming in commercial radio to find place in 90.8 MHz, seven days a week.

Career counseling programms for people with special needs are also provided. Air programmes for special days; for instance, May 8 was devoted to Rabindranath Tagore to mark his birthday. ‘Sanskriti’ the cultural programms takes in music for all tastes, ranging from Indian Classical to Western Classical, Band numbers, Instrumental music. Most of the programmes are in Bengali since the majority of listeners are more comfortable in Bengali.

At present JU air programmes for 8 hrs daily starting from 12.00 noon.

Please reply with latest update on Community Radio Station of Jadavpur University

Website of Jadavpur University Alumni Association, Bangalore chapter(famous as AAJUB) launched

January 13, 2010 in Campus News, JU Alumni

We, the Alumni Association Jadavpur University, Bangalore Chapter ( have launched our brand new website(still in beta stage).

The alumni is in existance since 1980. We have already shown our strong presence by undertaking various social projects, scholarship programs. Now we are aiming to have an even stronger online presence. The launching of the website is only the first step to reach out to a wider netizens. We also have a forum for netizens to interact and grow the community bigger.

Every year we organize reunions, diwali nights, nababarso celebrations, saraswati pujo etc with great fanfare and huge participation. From last quarter onwards we have started publishing our quarterly journal Prantik.
The great recession of 2009-10 has made us realize the importance of networking and the need of a strong alumni. And so we are giving career guidance as our top most priotiy in the near future. We are also planning to come up with a “Bangalore Survival Kit” to help people coming to Bangalore settle down.

Please visit the website and get yourself registered for latest updates.

Latest Events:
We are going for a picnic this Sunday(17th Jan, 2010).
And there is a plan for reunion in april-may.

Register Now

CHEMBridge Reunion 2010

January 13, 2010 in Campus News, JU Alumni

Let me inform you on behalf of the CHEMBridge 2010 Organizing Committee that this year the CHEMBridge Reunion is going to be held on 20th and 21st February, 2010, as per the general rule of it being held the Saturday and Sunday of the Third week of February every year. So, mark the dates on your calendar in bold so that you do not forget!
Top shots to light the inaugural Lamp: The CURTAIN RAISER is going to be on 9th January, 2010 and would be inaugurated by Dr.V.K Saraswat, Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri and Secretary of Defence Research, Ministry of Defence. He would most probably give a technical speech after that (yet to be confirmed on pen and paper). We will all have a great chance to even interact with him in our department for around 30 minutes or so in an exclusive “Meet the Scientist session”. On the same day, Dr. Gautam Chattopadhyay, from University of New South Wales, will deliver a talk on Indoor Air quality. So friends, be prepared to meet and interact with them……………….
Break in the tradition: For the first time ever in the history of the Department, we have finalized the plan of organizing a National School on DIVERSE WALKS OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, which will have four sessions, each comprising two speakers, but the sessions will be run in parallel.
1. Nanomaterials and their applications
2. Advanced Transport Phenomena and Rheology of Fluids
3. Biochemical Engineering and its applications
4. Modelling and simulation in Chemical Engineering Problems
Extremely renowned Speakers have consented to grace the occasion like Dr. D.V Khakkar, IITB Dean (he received the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, Engineering Sciences in 1997), Dr.Jayant Modak, IISc Bangalore,( he received the AvH Research Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation,) Dr. Shankar Ghosh, TIFR, Dr. Arijit Bhattacharya, NCL Pune and many more…………….So get ready for a really interesting session with each of them!
We are also arranging a poster competition on the same day….For details contact the undersigned.
On 29th January, 2010, we are also organizing a Workshop. But nothing is finalized as of now!
That’s all for the time being. We will inform further details as we update ourselves!
Meanwhile, we ask for your valuable suggestions, opinions regarding what we have discussed and any thing else that you would like to have as part of CHEMBridge

Sulalit Banerjee,
Student General Secretary,
CHEMBridge 2010.
Mobile: +919830017755

Looking for JU 1969 Tarun Chatterjee

October 26, 2009 in Campus News

Looking for Tarun Chatterjee, JU 1969. Can anyone post his contact information?

Travel Grant for PhD studies

October 26, 2009 in Campus News, Scholarships

I am Looking for Travel grant for PhD studies in France.If any one can help to get a Travel grant.I have done M.Tech in IT from Jadavpur University

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Jadavpur e bawal

September 16, 2009 in ASK, Campus News, JU Alumni

JU students gherao executive council members – Engineering students at Jadavpur University (JU) gheraoed the executive council (EC) members till late on Wednesday, demanding re-evaluation of the answer scripts of information technology students, who have failed their laboratory exams
More at – http://

Feedback from Alumni (Taken from JUAlumni yahoo groups )

FETSU is causing trouble again. When will this end in JU? When will these immature students grow up?

the students for their limited vision. I personally have noticed such a response from the alumni over what is going on rarely. We as alumni should do our part on what is actually beneficial for JU, where probably we had earlier taken lesser initiative, after passing.
Net result, the same things continue, over and over again, and the academic culture gets affected.
Net result is, lesser known colleges are actually faring way beter than JU in terms of “Quality Placement Opportunities”, “Career Prospects” and not just a “job”.
The difference is what even I as a student failed to comprehend (except the salary difference) because of a lack in guidance from alumni. These factors must be drilled into the minds of our juniors, before we can actually expect things to change.

I hope the current students who are in JU, see the light and actually make use of the opportunity of being in such a good institution, without making a mockery of its limitations (faculty). The time when we could have said, “Having passed through WBJEE to get into JU, we can rest on our past laurels” was never there, and frankly, is a statement many of our seniors in the industry would hold in contempt.

JU used to be ranked among the top 10, unfortunately, even that is a story none in the corporate sector is willing to take seriously nowdays (despite the latest ranking based on 1 criteria, research by faculty & doctorate students only where JU ranked 6th).

Change is seriously needed, for the better, else very soon we’ll see the the even lesser known colleges in West Bengal overtaking us.

What do you think?