How to improve campus recruitment process? (2 posts)

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  • Profile picture of pals pals said 7 years ago:

    Please share your thoughts on
    1. How to improve campus recruitment process?
    2. How to invite more companies to campus?
    3. How can we organize off campus recruitment drive with out any help from placement dept?
    4. How to make ourselves industry centric?
    5. Post your questions that can be discussed here…

  • Profile picture of Avik Mitra Avik Mitra said 6 years, 11 months ago:

    1. Call the Govt. companies first. Then make the reopen the campus.
    2. Call the Navratna and R&D organizations (like ISRO and CSIR).
    3. Let the alumni come forward in this regard. Convince the teachers too.
    4. Get youself involved in internships during 6th semester. Doing the final year project in some industry and collaborating with the university.