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Community Radio Station of Jadavpur University

April 5, 2010 in ASK, Campus News

Community Radio Station of Jadavpur University – INFOTAINMENT @ Radio 90.8 MHz

Jadavpur University has launched its own Community Radio Station, Radio JU. This Community Radio Station is being set up as part of the ongoing JU Project TEQIP in collaboration with School of Media Communication and Culture, JU to support community communications and broadcasting of all kinds of knowledge.

The community radio provides a new platform for students, teachers and local people to showcase their creativeness. Programmes broadcast by the radio are heard within a radius of 10 km from the University. The Radio Station not only addresses the needs of the campus population but also those who are outside the university. The main objectives of community Radio Station of Jadavpur are empowerment, entertainment and information.

The community Radio Station of Jadavpur University entertains its listeners.  It has a wide variety of programmers to offer. Radio is instrumental in the revitalization of ‘Shruti natak’ or radio drama which go on air once a week. Children’s eye-catching Programming in commercial radio to find place in 90.8 MHz, seven days a week.

Career counseling programms for people with special needs are also provided. Air programmes for special days; for instance, May 8 was devoted to Rabindranath Tagore to mark his birthday. ‘Sanskriti’ the cultural programms takes in music for all tastes, ranging from Indian Classical to Western Classical, Band numbers, Instrumental music. Most of the programmes are in Bengali since the majority of listeners are more comfortable in Bengali.

At present JU air programmes for 8 hrs daily starting from 12.00 noon.

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